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Kult-style image of golab

This image Jason Voss, and may not be reproduced without permission.

line \ 1: an intermediate state after death for expiatory purification; specif : a place or state of punishment wherein according to Roman Catholic doctrine the souls of those who die in God's grace may expiate venial sins or satisfy divine justice for the temporal punishment still due to remitted mortal sin 2: a place or state of temporary punishment

As the traditional philosophies of yesteryear decline and fade, we have come more and more to put our faith in personal dogmas and beliefs. Most of us no longer share the same fears and dreams of what may lie beyond death. It is no longer our gods or religious doctrines that send us to eternal damnation. That responsibility is now ours and ours alone. Purgatory is a place created by our own minds. If we believe we are guilty, if we believe that we have sinned, then our fate is sealed. There are beings, servitors of the Qlippoths, that sense our guilt. They are the Nepharites, and their purpose is to create a place in Inferno to punish us when we pass beyond death. Our own personal hell, where the sinner will spend eternity in torment.


Note: This site is inspired by the cosmology of the role playing game Kult. It is not meant to represent my personal faith or beliefs. Kult is, after all, just a game...isn't it?

My site is a work in process. I don't really ever forsee it being completely finished. Areas and dates last updated follow.

Purgatory :04-13-99 ~~~ Soul Vault : 02-21-99 ~~~ Asylum :02-21-99
Labyrinth :02-21-99 ~~~ Surgery :04-10-98 ~~~ Illusion :03-01-99
Inferno :*10-04-98* ~~~ Metropolis :04-07-98 ~~~ Gothic Milwaukee :04-06-98


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You are soul number to enter purgatory since 9-25-98
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BTW: You won't find a lot of game info here. It's the atmosphere of it that I am trying to capture. The Kult role-playing game is copyright Target Games and I make no attempt to infringe on that copyright here. This is a tribute to Kult, and the influence it's had on my life.

A note of thanks here: Thanks to Andrew and Keith for the kind use of their scanners, Photoshop, and FTP. Without their help there would be no pictures here. Thanks also to my lovely wife Elizabeth, for her support in this endeavor. Thanks to Ivan for being patient with me while I figured out how to create a new set of golab.gifs on his computer, and for his technical help. Thanks to my long-time friend Jason for the beautiful Kult-style image of me at the top of this page. And lastly thanks to all my friends on alt.gothic. Particularly those of you who helped with this page. You know who you are ;)

And now for the thanks due to the folks who created the graphics and graphic sets used on this site, as well as a few others:

Graphic sets by Dark Cat Pseudo Reality-Free Backgrounds Dreambook Freecenter banner generator

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