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Thor and Elizabeth's Gallery


I got tired of the old layout of this page. The photo links are history. This loads faster and as far as I'm concerned that's a good thing.

First some of me.

link A shot of me lurking in an alley in the Third Ward.

link Me in really bright sun, with really bright hair, at Vasquez Rocks near Los Angeles.

link In my living room before going out to Sanctuary.

link Mmmmmmmm...cigarettes :)

link Me good and drunk and petting my friends cat at a party. This is an old one...

And now some of Elizabeth and I.

link Elizabeth and I at Holy Hill This was taken in the fall of 1996. The wind is blowing Elizabeth's dress making it look kinda' wierd, but I like the pic anyway.

link Elizabeth and I at Sanctuary on a Saturday night. It was taken by the old Thursday DJ Gary (now the manager), who wrote "Come on Thursdays!" on the bottom :)

link Elizabeth and I with our friend Sarah. Taken the same day as the other one.

link Elizabeth at Holy Hill Standing in front of one of the huge Stations of the Cross in the woods at Holy Hill. Taken in the Fall of 1997

link Elizabeth at home before going clubbing. Standing by the front door before going out to Sanctuary on Saturday night.

link Elizabeth the wild woman :) Bright shiny morning Elizabeth. Watch out!


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