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April 28 2000
Went for a walk at lunch today, and ended up at the Animal Crackers petshop down the street from where I work. As I looked around I happened upon a cage in the back with a beautiful tarantula in it. At that moment it struck me just how much I missed our old tarantula, and I decided to buy this one and bring her home. It was listed on the cage a a "stripe-knee tarantula". The more accepted name for this species is a Costa Rican Zebra (Aphonopelma seemanni). She was only $18, and I already had a tank at home she could live in. I decided immediately that her name would be Bitey II, in honor of our first spider. And thus it began...

April 29 2000
I got a ride from Cara out to Pet World in Waukesha to get some supplies for Bitey II's new home. The plastic tank I had intended to use got screwed up when I accidently used the abrasive side of a dish sponge on the plastic. Whoops! Now it's semi opaque from the scratches, and pretty much useless. Oh well. Anyway, I got a nice 5.5 gal. tank, screen cover, half-log house, water dish, and some Repti-Bark for substrate. At this point I didin't yet know about the Zebra's need to burrow. I also saw a tank full of the coolest scorpions, and started thinking about getting one.

April 30 2000
On my way to Mom and Dad's for a late Easter family celebration and on the way I stopped in at Pet World to pick out and take home a scorpion. It's an African Emperor scorpion (Pandinus imperator) and they were on sale for only $12.99. Her name is Stingey. That's pronounced sting-E, not stin-jee by the way. I also got a package of sphagnum moss to cut up and mix with the substrate in Bitey and Stingey's tanks so that they might be able to dig into it.

May 1 2000
Got Stingey moved into her new home, a 5.5 gal. tank with 50-50 bark/moss substrate, a water dish, a house built from flat stones and some cool plastic fish-tank plants. That night Stingey ate five crickets! Got the substrate in Bitey's tank changed as well, though I didn'd have the faintest clue how much trouble that was going to be...

May 2 2000
Bitey hates her new substrate! She sat on top of her house all day, and would not set foot on the floor of the tank. I don't think she moved more than a half-inch today. I noticed that Stingey is looking really fat. Is she pregnant? How can I even tell? Are little baby Stingey's on the way? Time will tell I suppose.

May 3 2000
All day today Bitey still sat on her house. I tried gently blowing on her, and (again very gently) prodding her with a paintbrush, but she won't move off the house. All she did is ball up a bit. That does it... I'm going to have to get her some different substrate on payday. Elizabeth came home from work today all excited and wanted to go to Animal Palace to get a spider of her own. Cool! After much deliberation she decided on a really beautiful Peruvian Pinktoe (Avicularia urticans). She was $40, and came with a plastic tank and water dish. While we were there I saw a bag of the perfect substrate for Bitey, but it was the big $17 bag, and I'll have to wait 'till Friday. I did get a 14 inch plastic tongs though, for tending Stingey's cage. Even though her venom isn't that strong I still have no intention of letting her sting me!