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Sanctuary Gallery


sanctuary door jpg


Some of my friends at Sanctuary

These are shots taken at Sanctuary in the spring of 1998. Now it's October. I can't believe it took this long to get them scanned and loaded, but there it is. I think they're the best yet. I hope you enjoy them.

Something I want to mention here: All of these photos of my friends are used here with the express permission of the people depicted. I won't ever use a photo of someone on my site without showing it to them first and asking their permission to put it up. I think to do otherwise is extremely rude, and borders on invasion of privacy.

link The lovely Elizabeth and Sam

link Justin. This is probably my favorite picture of all. I caught a piece of his soul.

link A shot of Kim and Saint. Now the proud parents of a 'lil baby gothboi named Elija.

link Dale, found in the dj booth at Sanctuary every Friday night.

link Ryan, Sally and Gary.

link Yet another shot of me in an alley. Real original, huh? But I still like it :)

link Elizabeth in front of an old broken billboard by the club.

link Melissa, Sam and Juliet.

link Elizabeth, Sam, Juliet and Jake. Sitting in "church" :)

link Elizabeth in her favorite red wig and vinyl dress.

link Yet another shot of Sam.

This set of pics are from late 1998 to early 1999, including the New Years Eve party.

link The lovely Sally in front of Sanctuary.

link Cara climbing the cage.

link Elizabeth and Jeannie

link Elizabeth in her lovely New Years Eve dress which she made herself. Beautiful and talented :)

The next few pics aren't from Sanctuary as such, but are of people who are regulars there.

link A shot of Corleen.

link A great pic of Kelly.

link Jeremy, lost in a book.


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