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Sheryl wrote:

When the going gets tough... revive an old thread. Since it's so close to the holidays, the theme this year is a Christmas (Hannukah/Solstice/Kwannza/ whatever you celebrate) bash. Fill in the blanks and describe your dream party. Detail is good.

Ahhh. Has it ben a year already?

I missed contributing to the last one. Happy to see it come around again.

Christmas party @ Golab's Citadel in Inferno:

Describe the invitation.

A razor-sharp stainless steel snowflake with the lettering etched across the front in delicate flowing script. Included is an envelope and piece of parchment to RSVP in the blood from handling the snowflake.

What will you wear?

My very best black rubber, leather and stainless steel tunic. Knee-length leather boots and long black gloves.

Describe the venue and decorations.

The reception room of the citadel. Dimly lit by flickering flourescent lights high up on the black tiled walls, the ceiling open to the eternal starless void above. A deadly snowfall of glittering razor flakes hangs from a shining wire lattice strung across the vault, just abve the heads of the guests. The floor is an intricate mosaic of black and white tiles describing a twisting spiral pattern.

Describe the food. What do you eat?

The most decadent and elaborate banquet ever served. Think of a cross between the Skeksis' feast in Dark Crystal, the banquet scene from every holiday film you ever saw, and the Plague Century banquet from Werther de Goethe's castle in Dancers at the End of Time. Holidays are a time for feasting, and I love banquets.

What do you drink?

Personally I'd drink Grand Marnier and Stoli Oranj screwdrivers. The bar would be stocked with every imaginable type of intoxicant available, as well as an array of non alcholic beverages for those that prefer. As an aside I'd bring my favorite bartender; Robin, from the Mad Planet.

There is a secret Santa gift swap. What do you bring and what did you get? Describe the wrapping too.

My gift would be a small ebony music box with silver inlay. When opened it would play Avincenna from Love Spirals Downwards. I would wrap it in black paper embossed with roses, and tied with black and gold curling ribbon.
( The nice cloth ribbon mind you. None of that cheesy plastic stuff )
I haven't the vaguest notion of what I might recieve. I suppose that depends on how well my secret Santa knew me.

Who do you look for and why?

I look for everyone I didn't get to see when I missed C-4, as well as those that I would have looked for if they'd been able to go.

Who do you drag under the mistletoe?

Anyone who'd enjoy sharing that with me. And of course my wife, who never posts here but reads over my shoulder all the time.

What music do you request?

Gothic/Ethereal. Love Spirals Downwards, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Faith and the Muse, Lycia, Soul Whirling Somewhere and last but most certainly not least the Cocteau Twins.... ~dreamy sigh~

What holiday events (sleigh ride, christmas carols, etc) are there?

Only one. A grand Nutcracker-style ballroom dance to the strains of the Mephisto Waltz.

Who do you go home with?

This *is* my home :) I'd retire to my chambers with my lovely wife Elizabeth.

What is your most memorable part of the evening?

A solitary stroll along the balcony around the top of the reception room. The blank vault of the sky above me and the guests below, with the sounds of music and laughter echoing upward.

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